Once again, The Candidate are extremely excited to announce our latest piece of research. Following on from the Women in Digital research we wanted to further our knowledge of the digital sector by researching the current state of management in the ever growing digital sector.

Our report looks into how managers rank their abilities and then comparing this to how managers are ranked from an employee's perspective. To do this we spoke to 150 managers and 150 employees to cover specific areas and from this we've seen the following results:

  • Only 53% of managers in the digital sector ranked their own abilities as 'good', 'really good', or 'excellent', with the rest ranking their abilities as 'average' or 'below average' - suggesting a lack of confidence in their managerial skills
  • Good communication is the quality that both managers and employees working in digital cited as the most important. Approachability was highly valued by 46% of employees, but just 24% of managers agreed
  • 27% of employees cited that being highly skilled, was a in the top 3 qualities of being a manager
  • Surprisingly 3% of employees started that having a bad manager would have no effect on the team whereas every manager agreed that being a bad manager would affect the whole team

The Candidate's Managing Partner, Brian Matthews states why this research is important for the development of the industry.

'The industry now employs 1.46m people across the country, and is estimated to grow by 5.4% by 2020. In order to develop the industry successfully and help it grow at its expected pace, we need the help of good managers who can nurture the talent.'

We're hoping that our report helps to reveal some issues which may have an effect on the digital sector.

Here, at The Candidate we are extremely interested in how the digital sector is developing, understanding managers will help us to understand how the sector can progress further.

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