With websites and similar digital platforms increasingly becoming the key acquisition channel for clients, content is crucial to help sell products and give information on the company or brand, which creates the need for content jobs. Beyond this, where clients have marketing activity, relevant content is needed for those assets that are read and consumed by customers online.

Good quality-engaging content is needed, for different messaging, brands, sectors and objectives that clients have. This requires people who can understand marketing objectives and translate this into content that will inform and maybe provoke a response. It may be sector specific content, so identifying the specific tone is essential and the content employee will have tight brand guidelines to adhere to. Clearly good writing and grammar skills are needed, but a degree or creativity will ensure that content stands out from the rest. Those who pursue a career in content will normally have degrees and qualifications in writing, and with the continued growth in digital, they will be in high demand for a long time to come!

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