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CRM jobs focus on managing customer data to enhance marketing strategies and maximise return from customer interactions.

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We cover all digital marketing roles, including the important role of CRM specialists who can complement acquisition using techniques to maximise return from customer data. 

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CRM jobs (Customer Relationship Management jobs) are important in businesses that collect and segment data acquired from customers and suppliers for marketing purposes. In the marketing mix, CRM complements acquisition budgets, adding more value to the spend that generated the customers in the first instance. Traditionally CRM techniques would have been popular in the home catalogue world, where customers were targeted with mailers in the post based on their buying behaviour. More recently with the advent of digital marketing, email databases have eclipsed this and are used for communicating specific creatives with a range of messages including new products, seasonal offers or loyalty discounts.

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Successful CRM candidates will have an analytical mind, have the ability to identify trends and provide marketing solutions with the customer journey in mind. Being customer centric with everything that CRM candidates do is particularly important for career development. By understanding customer behaviour, different offers and messages can be communicated to different segments and response rates analysed for future activities. Progression from a CRM Executive to a CRM Manager will require an in-depth understanding of successful CRM techniques along with other key attributes of the role including a strong understanding of customer journeys and creating a strategy using roadmaps, have the ability to identify trends, have a strong relationship with database teams, have the ability to create segments, understand and influence customer journeys and maximise leads from channels.

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