Within a large marketing team, it’s essential that the Marketing Operations Director has full control and accountability for that department. Working with the CEO or CMO, the Operations Director will take the needs to the Senior or Board team and feed this directly into the Operations department for implementation.

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They will support and manage the team, but also be knowledgeable and have a proven track record in stabilising, tweaking and improving a business’s marketing division. It is essential that the Marketing Operations Director is responsible for managing and directing the scalability of a business and making sure that everything is in place to accommodate this growth.

As the most senior position within the Operations division, it is imperative that you have a deep knowledge of marketing automation platforms, as well as being very data-centric and analytical. You’ll have strong communication skills and be comfortable liaising with senior stakeholders, a strong leader, knowledgeable and have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the operations department.

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