What is... UX?

UX, also referred to as ‘user experience’ is the emotional experience a user has with a product with the aim of the experience being positive. To enable a good user experience, it is integral to understand the needs, struggles and goals of your audience. Within the digital space, UX solely deals with the ease and use and focuses on whether the user is able to achieve their desired end goal. In order to facilitate a positive experience, you need to combine the likes of project management, user research, information architecture, visual design and analytics.

Find out more about the process and how to make it as a 'UXer'!


What does a UX designer need to be successful?

  • Empathy, being able to understand the needs of others
  • Humbleness, user experience differs from person to person
  • Keenness to learn, as UX is a market that continually sees expansion, development and growth
  • Ability to collaborate, being a UXer entails being part of a bigger team and working alongside colleagues of various status, level and title
  • Problem solving, should be at the heart of everything you do as you should seek to resolve issues instead of masking them with interface techniques
  • Can do attitude, is essential, as you need to be able to proactively and constructively incorporate stakeholders feedback before finding an appropriate solution
  • Eagerness, as you should wish to explore new ideas, concepts, processes, methodologies and so on


Top tips for UXers in the employment world:

  1. Update your portfolio, and showcase your experience
  2. Coherently explain your work and tell the story
  3. Be yourself – it really is that simple. Employers like personality!


Written by Kourtney Dunmall, Data & Tech Recruitment Consultant

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