After completing around 2 years in a Digital Marketing Assistant role, it will be the job of a Digital Marketing Executive to have more responsibilities for the channels that they manage. They will begin to have targets for the online advertising that they manage and work on low-level strategies to be able to deliver those numbers.

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Normally they will be part of a larger team, who collectively have responsibilities for managing the digital elements of the advertising. Keeping abreast of developments within the marketing channels will be important to take advantage of any new sales routes. Making recommendations to Digital Marketing Managers will be part of the role and attract recognition and development should they translate to increases sales.

A Digital Marketing Executive will be keen to understand how they can develop in their role. If the career possibilities don’t exist or aren’t available, especially if they want to move into a Digital Marketing Manager role, then inevitably they will look elsewhere. Salary and bonus are potentially important in a role and with the lifespan of a Digital Marketing Executive likely to be 2 or 3 years, this should be planned properly and part of an effective structure within an organisation.

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