Sales jobs in marketing reside within advertising agencies and client-side environments where the objective is to sell the products and services that they offer. Business development jobs in marketing tend to be more advanced than purely sales, focussing on how to adapt a business to maximise its selling, normally through a Business Development Strategy, working closely with business directors or owners.

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In the latter of these jobs, it will normally be a mature salesperson with significant experience and success in bringing in profitable business and understanding the steps that a business must go through to achieve its targets.

Clients claim that finding a good salesperson can be very difficult, however, the success of a sales strategy comes from both finding a good person and having a product or service that can be sold. The skills and cultural fit is essential before understanding whether a longer term relationship can be built and it is notoriously difficult for either party to understand this at interview stage, largely because sales and BD people sell themselves so well. Our advice for both parties is to go through a series of interviews, tests and informal meetings and seek testimonials or recommendations for both sides of the interview table and determine whether it is worth joining forces and creating what can and should be a very positive and productive commercial relationship.

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