In a PR job, the objective is to maximise and manage the reputation of a company or client through a series of marketing channels that can target and influence a customer’s perception of its brand. Those in PR roles will be creative in their thinking, initially proposing ideas for campaigns that will help address or meet a specific marketing objective.

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With the emergence of online tracking technologies, digital PR jobs are on the rise because it is so much easier than the offline activity to track and justify.  Therefore those working in these roles merge creativity with data to create and develop new campaigns that will continue to build brands and drive acquisitions.

Moving jobs in a PR role can happen because of the desire to work on new clients, taking experience from campaigns and applying them elsewhere. Covering both B2B and B2C, many choose one of these streams to follow and specialise in, which can see roles focus initially on smaller clients and then move to larger corporate accounts with larger spend and returns. There is also a temptation for agency side PR people to move in-house which allows focussing on one client or set of products that can be attractive to some.

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