Those in an eCommerce Manager job will have the core responsibility for the digital platforms as its main online sales channel. They will have considerable technical knowledge of the website and the possibilities and limitations that it has. They will have a responsibility for the marketing of those digital channels and create strategies that drive the maximum amount of traffic and conversion to acquisitions.

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Reporting into a Marketing Director or Head of Digital, depending on the size of the organisation, it is essentially a marketing sales role, using the website and the marketing channels to generate the maximum number of conversions with the budget they are given.

An eCommerce Manager holds quite a powerful role in the sales make-up of a company due to their detailed knowledge of the website, platform and digital channels. A solid working relationship with their seniors is necessary, as is commercial recognition especially if the portion of sales that is being driven becomes very significant. A good eCommerce Manager will always have their eye on their salary, bonus structure and any other acquisition target based incentives that may be on offer.

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