Put simply; Full stack is a term used to refer to the entire technical stack surrounding a software or website. This includes databases, servers, systems engineering and client-side development. Full Stack Development expands the basis on front-end development & back end development, combining the principles into an individual skillset which encompasses the entire development process.

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The role of a Full Stack Developer is extremely varied position which attracts candidates due to the breadth of projects which are undertaken. As a Full Stack Developer, you are responsible for the entire development process of a website or software, including the front end and back end development. Often, Full Stack Developers possess highly sought-after skillsets – allowing an organisation to trust the software building process to a single leader.

To be successful as a Full Stack Developer, you must be confident across a broad scope of languages including HTML, CSS & JavaScript (Angular & React) on the front end stack, and a variety of PHP, .Net, C#, Ruby & Node.JS as back end tools.

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