In House PPC Manager - Hiring A PPC Expert

As part of your in-house marketing team, Pay Per Click (PPC) Managers will manage your PPC and paid search accounts. These actions and the other responsibilities taken on by your PPC Account Manager will have a large impact on the effectiveness of your digital strategy. It is important to understand the roles that these PPC professionals play and what the difference between hiring an ordinary employee and an expert mean for your business.

In this section Jon Ranwell explains the importance of hiring an in-house PPC manager and the functions of their roles. Jon is a Digital Marketing Executive at Quintissential and is someone The Candidate has worked with previously. He is an experienced marketer and has some fantastic knowledge about PPC managers and their roles within your company.

In-House PPC Managers will manage your PPC and paid search accounts. Find out more about hiring a PPC Manager today.

Hiring a professional PPC/Paid Search Manager should be a crucial part of your online marketing strategy. Whatever your industry, your website should be generating income, either directly or indirectly, for your business. A professional with an in-depth understanding of Adwords and Search Engine Marketing will focus on maximising the return on your investment. A good PPC manager will pay their own salary through the income they generate. You could use an agency, but the fees they charge will impact on the profitability of your campaigns, and their focus will inevitably be on the own income rather than yours!

A PPC Manager will stay up-to-date with the latest developments, editorial guidelines and search engine restrictions/opportunities, so that your campaigns are at the cutting edge of online marketing. They will be able to react to marketing changes in real-time, so that your online advertising budget is being utilised to maximum effect. The continued development and adjustment of campaigns will ensure that campaigns are improved and expanded over time.

A professional PPC manager will almost certainly have a lot of "tricks up their sleeve" that other, non-dedicated, marketing professional won't know about - these are the crucial skills that set them apart and make a difference to your business.

Understanding the dynamics of PPC and how to manipulate Quality Scores, Click-Through-Rates and traffic flow ultimately reduces your cost, improving ROI and turning your campaigns from run-of-the-mill online marketing into a web presence that will be the envy of your competitors.

Reporting and co-operating with your web design team, your PPC Manager can provide statistical and analytical data, which can be used to develop your website in order to improve conversion rates and the overall customer experience.

Whether your PPC budget is £1,000 per month or £500,000 per month, a PPC Professional will ensure that it is spent where it counts and will produce results.

The Candidate… Jon emphasises the point that regardless of the size and budget of your company, employing the right in-house PPC manager should, in theory, pay for itself thanks to the conversion and generated income through their activity. So make sure you consider all of Jon's pointers when beginning the recruitment process for a new PPC manager to join your digital marketing team.