Recruiting an Analytics Manager

Do you know exactly what to look for when recruiting a new Analytics Manager? Sarah Shaw, Talent Acquisition and Internal Engagement at Zuto, shares everything you need to know about finding the perfect recruit for your team!

What do Analytics Managers do at Zuto?

Our experimental culture means our Analytics Managers take on the role of prioritising the company’s data requirements, identifying the opportunities which will have the greatest benefit to the business. Analytics Managers work closely with stakeholders across the business and are responsible for developing a team of Analysts, to provide actionable insight and timely reporting to the business whilst promoting a data-driven culture to the wider business. From customer insight to internal forecasting we’re always using our invaluable data!

What skills and experience does an Analyst need?

Analysts benefit from a broad technical skillset including; Excel, SQL, Tabelau, Power BI, R, Python. However, their prioritisation, organisational, people and stakeholder management skills are what really differentiates the great Analysts from the rest. Our team has over 10 years of analytical experience across multiple industries helping us to identify opportunities through various analytical techniques. Gaining experience in different industries is a brilliant way of exploring approaches and perspectives to ensure they apply best practice when collating key insights. Not only does an Analyst collect and investigate data, but they’re also responsible for sharing their findings with stakeholders, making recommendations and identifying opportunities. For us, a clear, confident and engaging communicator is a must when decrypting intricate information to the non-analysts amongst us.

What are other important qualities you look for in an Analytics Manager?

It’s so important that candidates can present their findings back to the business allowing the data to be turned into actionable insight. They should also demonstrate a willingness to learn new technologies and techniques, as the analytics industry is a continually evolving environment. Our values are what make Zuto different from other employers, we want to see candidates who own challenges, collaborate with teams and get stuff done. It’s crucial our talented candidates show the willingness to learn and maintain a positive, humble attitude – we can learn and teach many skills but we’re looking for candidates who demonstrate our values.

We understand that culture fit is incredibly important to Zuto.  What do you look for in a candidate to make sure they’ll fit in and be happy?

Culture is an invaluable asset when it comes to attracting and retaining our talent. Our sourcing journey is aligned with our culture and we have a pivotal focus on our values. During interviews, we like to explore how the candidate will embed themselves into the team and the role which they will play. It’s also vital to share this with any recruitment agencies we use to make sure the candidates being put forward are excited about working for Zuto and fully understand how we work. Once someone joins the business, they are given the opportunity to learn more about us and make an impact as soon as possible. It is rewarding for them as well as us to be given the freedom to apply themselves and see results – that’s what we’re all about!