Looking specifically at digital, it is such a fast-moving industry that it needs not only good salespeople but also those to can fully understand the complex nature of industry which they are operating within. Whether we are sourcing people to sell to single bodies or it's high-value ticket items worth a significant amount of money, we apply the same care and attention to all recruits.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we give our candidates

We look at each and every sales candidate individually identifying their strengths and the areas of improvement. That allows us to match their skills exactly with the detailed brief which we take from all of our clients. We'll look at whether they are an up and coming sales person who is hungry to develop into a top performer or whether it is an accomplished sales operator with a clear successful history and defined their way of operating. It's horses for courses from that point of view.

Specifically, in the instance of the digital salesperson, we'll generally look for the following characteristics:

  • Ability to create a pipeline in order to hit targets. Abide by the forecast and the agreed KPIs
  • Have a working knowledge of the start to finish sales process and how to close each prospect
  • Can research their market, have experience of unsettling, and use of different types of questions which will assist the sales process
  • Decide whether the sales process requires face to face selling or can it be done over the phone, therefore being as efficient as possible
  • Discuss their little black book with us and the clients and relationships which they could bring to our client's organisation

Each candidate will have to prove the length of service and experience within their media or digital sales roles. They will present us with their portfolio of results and the necessary checks and balances made. Normally the response to our sales roles is significant so we add real value to our clients by searching for the quality through the volume of applications. We also specialise in digitally related sales roles such as those selling online subscriptions or data packages.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we can help with. Call us now on 0161 833 1044

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