What an IT Support Analyst Could do for your Business

A lot of businesses outsource their IT support nowadays, whilst this may be an easy way to solve the day to day issues in IT, it is not the most cost effective. Outsourcing can cost businesses anywhere between £50-£200 per hour just to have someone sat behind a desk providing support which if you’re good at math, you will know people spend a fortune and way more than an average UK salary on their support. Average salaries for 1st line roles usually start at £20k then as the candidates progress through the ranks to 2nd line they are usually on around £30k and then 3rd line roles usually start at £35k. If you work this out in comparison to what your current vendor charges day by day, hour by hour, you would be saving a fortune. Another benefit to hiring your own IT Support Analyst is that you create a more personable bond with the person you’ve employed. In terms of staff motivation and retention, you’ll be able to keep in close contact with the employee to find out and problems that have arose and how you can tackle them in the most cost effective way possible. This naturally leads to a more streamlined process for all parties in the business as it drastically improves the efficiency of all systems. To put this into context, an online gym wear shop on Black Friday would need to ensure that their backend systems are running smoothly to maximise the customer journey and therefore maximise their conversion rate. If the wheels aren’t turning behind the scenes, profits could be effected and an outsourced provider may not be on hand to help – has this happened to you?


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