What is an IT Support Analyst?  IT Support Analysts are usually the go to guys for all IT problems in a companies backend systems. Typically in an organisation, you’ll have a 1st line response team who deal with problems at the first instance (for example a webcam not working). There will then be a 2nd line support team that deals with anything that the 1st line team cannot followed by a 3rd line team (or infrastructure team) that deal with all tickets that cannot be figured out by the other teams! The 3rd line team will also take care of the overall infrastructure of a companies system using cloud and server technologies such as Azure, Linux, VmWare and Cisco.

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The job role IT Support Analyst is therefore quite broad, so when considering your requirements you should consider exactly what sort of person you need for the team. Cyber security is also a big part of the job role of an IT Support Analyst, which we are seeing more and more budding young IT talent going into as a full time position rather than just being an aspect. Overall, the IT Support in any business is crucial as they keep the wheels turning on day to day activities and ensure everything runs smoothly, whether that be an eCommerce business, cloud technology or public sector establishment.

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