A campaign marketing job is one in which a marketer operating in a client-side role will create campaigns and manage these through from initial idea to delivery. They will be created to focus on the company’s product or service offering creative strategies to market these effectively.

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They will consider the brand, market position, target customer and the marketing channels available to deploy a schedule or timeline. They will be the link between the internal product or service offering and the marketing activities both internal and external, probably using 3rd parties.

A Marketing Campaign Manager who is career focussed will have a passion for a specific sector that may prompt a move to a different company. They may also chase the bigger campaigns, where they can test new activities, or analyse new elements of a campaign to create successful strategies elsewhere.  It is an exciting role that has a mix of creativity and commercial awareness and where a campaign is successful in generating great results, a manager will be looking for that to positively impact their remuneration package.

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