A job in content marketing is very important as it creates messaging across all of its marketing channels, which act as a shop front. In the role, the person will have to create engaging words, sentences and paragraphs that will help the company communicate with its customer base. They will create both permanent content, that the company always uses in literature, and also seasonal or tactical marketing content that pushes certain messages about products or services at different times across different channels.

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They will require excellent communication skills and work with managers to absorb information that they can turn into engaging content that gets the key messages from the company out to their target audience. There are either specialist content writers that focus on defined sectors or more general writers that can work across many companies and products, perhaps working advertising agency side.

It is a role in which the employee has a danger of becoming pigeonholed in and they need to expand their experience by pushing for involvement in other areas of campaign or marketing management. Many content writers become freelance or contract in order to get the variety required for the role. However specialist content writers, or those that focus on one sector, have the possibility of progressing and developing their career because of the specialism that they are pursuing.

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