So, you are looking for a job in digital marketing. You’ve secured the interview... but what happens now? Wondering what mistakes people have previously made that you want to avoid? Maybe it is your first step into the sector? Or you are taking a step up the career ladder on your way to being the next agency head or marketing director?

Have a look at some helpful tips on the interview.

  • Always let your personality come out - but in little bits and at the right time. You may be the alpha male or leader of the gang, but we all have to start somewhere. Grilling the interviewee on their career progression and recommending how they should progress means no job.

  • Turn off your phone - A ringing phone, twitter alert from Skysports, text message from your mum wishing you good luck or a superlike notification from a hot guy on Tinder – will not go down well.

  • Never be late. Just pretend the interview is an hour earlier than it is and get a coffee. But not a beer, no alcohol before the interview or you'll just make the interviewer jealous.

  • BO, damp clothes, previously damp clothes, ripped clothes, no clothes, oversized clothes, a tie that you wouldn't wear in a blackout, a beard that hasn't quite grown enough, orange makeup in the wrong facial parts and a stare that would burn holes are all big no no's.

  • Choose your outfit wisely, assess the company. Some companies won’t require a full suit, shirt and tie. But turning up in trackies, a bucket hat and a polo shirt will not be acceptable.

  • Winking. Never do it. Just don’t, ok!

  • Don’t sit down before the interviewers have sat down, assess and make your own call.

Take this advice on board from us; it may just help you get there a little easier than some. Most of these are from experience across our team at interviews or pre-screening with candidates!

A massive good luck!

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