You've landed in the right place if you are looking to develop a career in SEO. That's because we've placed a range of skilled people from this sector in roles across the North West. They have been both client-side roles and advertising agency based, depending on the preference of the candidate. So if you're looking to enter the amazing world of Search Engine Optimisation or looking to further your career then look no further.

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The SEO community in the North West is one of the most closely knit marketing groups in the UK. They have flourished from the traditional direct response nature of advertisers in the area and SEO does a great job in delivering leads and sales for acquisition based campaigns. From meet-ups to forum groups, involvement in the community is a great way to boost your career. We are regularly speaking to SEO practitioners from across the UK who are considering relocating to the area.

The types of SEO roles we recruit for cover the following areas:

  • Content writing - many roles dovetail into a wider SEO and social strategy
  • Technical SEO - understanding the power of links which Google currently favour
  • SEO Account Management - working in agency to help clients decipher SEO

The different levels of SEO candidates range too, here is an overview of some of the differences from job specs which we have received:

SEO Executives usually gain a grounding in the primary task of link building and identifying the best opportunities for SEO gain. The candidate will become an expert in the vertical which the company or client specialises in and promote their products in the most creative and efficient link building way.

SEO Managers are responsible for the conceptualisation and execution of long term SEO strategies. This can range across a number of sites and include interaction and awareness of conversion activity, web design briefs, user experience, development and overall digital strategy awareness.

SEO Directors will have had a long term involvement in SEO since its conception. They will be aware of the effect which Google's "zoo" has had on campaigns they have run in the past and how to avoid penalties. Leading a team of people all dedicated to improving and maximising SEO performance will not be uncommon and what comes with it would normally be a healthy salary.

If you would like to speak about the amazing career possibilities with SEO in the area then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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