Digital Marketing Roles And Positions

The successful recruitment of a digital marketing team hinges on the employers' understanding of the capabilities of digital marketing itself. Directors and Managers within these companies are only too aware of the services and products that they offer, however how they translate to create a digital marketing strategy can dictate the difference between success and failure to meet budgets, or at least revenues from online marketing channels.

In this section Colin Telford, Managing Partner here at The Candidate, identifies the different roles and positions within a digital marketing team and how they can help your business. Colin has over thirteen years' experience working within the digital sector.

There are many different roles and positions you can fill within a digital marketing team. What are they, what do they do and how can they help your business?

So, where to start with in-house SEO recruitment? Assuming you've got a website to kick things off is a good starting point, but don't assume the sales will start rolling in from there. Imagine having a shop front on Market Street in Manchester with a broken door and aisles that only lead to the exit and not the cash registers. Unfortunately, many websites are wired up this way and to have effective marketing strategies to get the most for your pound, you need to fix that. Marketing Managers with experience in business development, creative agencies, and that have the ability to pick out the agencies most suitable for your strategy, and how these options could dovetail into media and marketing will always ensure you're off to a good start.

Following this, building a digital marketing department from scratch requires the installation of an all-rounder, with multi-channel experience, backed with a history of results. If you think about the core digital marketing channels which can generate a return, search engine marketing (SEO/PPC) is top of the list. If reputation, brand and the need to communicate through social channels are important then a significant social media background would be required in the right candidate. But beware, we've all used Facebook and having a Twitter account sometimes leads people to believe they're social media experts, but are they commercial social media strategists?

Once the traffic is coming in and the sales begin, effective analysis of the activity can really increase efficiency within the company. Whether it's an analyst or a conversion rate optimiser (CRO), the benefits can outweigh the costs. The Candidate recently recruited a Technical CRO Marketer for a business generating 100 leads per day through an effective PPC and SEO source. By bringing this hire in, the company hoped to increase efficiencies, reduce cost per acquisition and increase the overall Return On Investment.

It's always an additional expenditure, but nowadays internet marketing revolves more and more around direct responses, meaning there should be a multiple applied for every pound invested and that includes your employees' salaries! Targets and objectives should be set, reviewed and updated to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is on track.

If you're not expert, then get some assistance. Many clients that we have dealt have expertise in their products, but not the marketing. Bring in a consultant to help dissect CV's and applicants experiences' and to generally assist throughout the interview process. With our background in media including our Managing Partner having spent 13 years on the advertising agency side, working with clients such as eBay, AutoTrader and BooHoo, we are brilliantly positioned to provide help too.

Whether it's creating a job specification, discussing company culture or talk through the level of employee you need, we're happy to help.

The Candidate... Believe it or not, the majority of clients we work with who end up hiring someone, do so slightly different to their original brief and that's due to the consultative process we adopt in finding you the perfect employee for your vacancy.