Digital Marketing jobs come in all shapes and sizes and relate to the online or internet campaign activities that companies and advertising agencies undertake. They will focus on the digital channels available to them, from email marketing to the latest in voice search technology, which will all form part of a digital marketing campaign. Some of the roles will be quite technical, but others may require a larger degree of communication or interpersonal skills, to pull together different departments for a common marketing objective or maintain the relationship between a client and agency.

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Progression in a role will depend on the levels of passion and interest the candidate has in their role. By keeping in touch with the latest developments (and the sector is developing all the time) you will have a far greater chance of progressing. Companies and agencies want candidates who have tried and tested different methods, those who know the pitfalls and know where the rich veins of returns in their spends lie. With attractive salaries on offer and the chance to work in a modern and cutting-edge sector, look no further than having a career in Digital Marketing. 

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