A Marketing Manager job is to oversee all of the marketing campaign activity and ensure that the activity is within budget, delivering the desired results and creating a return on investment that is within the target. They will have experience of a large number of marketing channels and use the right mix of these to deliver the objectives for their company. They will have a clear understanding of company objectives and liaise with other company managers to share information and create plans and strategies for increasing sales.

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Highly skilled Marketing Managers are in demand for a range of clients and sectors that invest in their marketing activities, whether B2C or B2B. They will normally desire the freedom to make the right decisions as many do get hindered by their company Director’s lack of knowledge or appreciation for marketing channel’s potential results. With digital marketing becoming a great channel for producing ROI, it is important that Marketing Managers have a grasp of this and can effectively apply it with the budget allocated to deliver returns.

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