Contractor Resource Area : IR35 Postponed

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, parliament announced on 17th March 2020 that they would be delaying IR35 legislation changes until April 2021, so we’ve outlined what that means for your business and why now is the best time to get a contractor on board…


Some of the benefits of hiring a contractor in the current climate are:

  • They can deliver results remotely; these guys have an abundance of experience working to tight deadlines (and budgets) to deliver projects all from their own homes or offices
  • They aren’t employees of your business, so you don’t need to pay them sick or holiday pay
  • You only need to pay them for the hours needed, so if there are only certain elements of a project (or if for whatever reason the project quietens down) you only have to pay them for the times you actually need them
  • With the recent uncertainty in the market there are some highly skilled contractors available to start within 24 hours of you having a requirement
  • There’s a large chance that there will be a contractor out there who has completed a project very similar to the one you are completing and can bring a wealth of experience on the best ways to complete it efficiently, which will help save time and therefore money

We appreciate that for some businesses hiring a contractor has never been on their radar before, but we’re also on completely on untrodden ground, so if you’d like a conversation around how a contractor could help on a specific project in a bit more detail and the general costings around hiring a contractor get in touch with us on 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected]

If you are interested in becoming a Contractor, view our roles here.

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