It is the job of an eCommerce Merchandiser to organise products on the website and other digital platforms of their company and place them in the optimum position to generate sales. They will work closely with the stock team, understand the levels of availability and place them appropriately in order to sell the maximum amount of products.

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They will also work and collaborate with other teams to set pricing, introduce offers and execute strategies in order to maximise the product sales levels. They will have a degree of creativity but decisions will be largely based on data and commercial return from the positioning. They will also work with analysts in order to identify the best positions and carry out testing of different products, colours, images, text and brands.

eCommerce Merchandisers will be keen to expand their knowledge and experience by working across different clients and sectors, being challenged to maximise sales and conversion rates. They will likely specialise in a particular sector, like travel or retail, and take this to larger clients, with more webpages and categories and create merchandising strategies to maximise sales. Career progression can lead to branding roles, Marketing Managers or communication jobs.

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