How to Hire a Frontend Developer

Like all development roles, frontend still comes with it’s challenges. Whilst it is probably the easiest across the stack, the quality of candidates can sometimes have drawbacks. There is an increasing amount of online coding courses that juniors have taken that teach some great practises in theory, however the courses only last a few months and the core experience of frontend is missing when they come to take on commercial roles. This is something to keep in mind, as these types of candidates may need extra training when it comes to 'real world' coding experience, but we all have to start somewhere!

Researching organisations that use similar tech and frameworks is also a good idea when recruiting for a frontend developer. It’s important to see what they market rate salaries are so you go into the recruitment process with all the facts instead of heading in blindly. This will give you an idea of what budget you need for the role based on the tech you use. To put this into context, React Developers are by far the most sought after candidates, therefore they come with a heavier price tag.  If you’re looking for a frontend developer but don’t need any fancy framework experience, you’re looking at paying less however be warned, these sorts of candidates will usually want to learn modern JavaScript frameworks so I’d advise having the implementation of modern JavaScript frameworks in your technical strategy to retain great talent.

Another consideration would be to listen to candidates that you’re interview. See what other places have offered them such as salaries, remote/hybrid working, responsibilities, progression etc. This will allow you to gain market knowledge from simple questions, and prepare you for what sort of offers you will have to be handing out to attract and retain the best talent for your organisation. This consideration may have sparked a memory for yourself where you’ve had a candidate in process in the past and not asked these questions. Asking these sorts of things brings more value out of an interview process rather than just getting to know a candidate, you get to know the wider market and build your own knowledge which will only help you in the future!


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