How to Hire a Digital Project Manager

When hiring for a digital project manager for your team, there are many considerations to put into play. Firstly, it has to be stressed that the current market is highly candidate driven and we are seeing extremely competitive salaries with some digital project managers with 2 years experience accepting offers in excess of £60k. With this in mind, speed of processes is crucial. We’d recommend an initial call with a candidate to check they know their stuff and they’re a good fit, followed by a task to bring to a formal interview setting. Tasks that we have been used to seeing for these sorts of roles are a client brief, and the candidate is asked to produce a 10-15 minute slide deck on how they would approach the subject matter from a project management perspective. If you are able to move quick on this process, then its the best possible chance of acquiring the correct talent for your organisation, in the quickest possible manner. 

Another consideration when hiring for a digital project manager would be to specify your requirements on your job description. Good quality digital project managers are usually already working on some cutting edge stuff, how does yours stand out from the rest? How would life be different if they were to join you? How are your projects, making a difference to peoples lives? These are all questions that candidates ask themselves, so I suppose personal branding of roles is a key way to hire for such a role.

Another key way for a business to hire for a digital project manager is by being agile. Listening to your candidates, do they need to be remote? Do they have childcare requirements that they’d benefit from reduced hours on? Be open minded in your approach instead of ticking boxes such as ‘will come to the office’, ‘salary requirements within budget’ etc. We are seeing time and time again great candidates being turned down by relatively small companies, to then be snapped up by large organisations who are able to meet their requirements better. Be agile, it’ll go a long way for a candidate in terms of the way they work and respect you.


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