My experience with the candidate has been nothing but positive. Sophie has been amazing throughout and continues to boost my confidence/spirits every time we speak. Sophie has been super reliable and even taking time whilst on her holidays to update me on the status of roles. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me so far. The Candidate has the most wonderful staff!

Ellie, Ecommerce Executive, July 2019

Laura was fantastic and really supported me from start to end. She saw how my CV fitted what the client was looking for and she was right- this was because she was so passionate and knew so much about the client that she knew I was perfect for the role! Laura is also a really friendly and genuine person making job hunting as a Candidate, fun and enjoyable- something I have never experienced before! 

Research Lead, June 2019

Amazing team at the candidate! They managed to place me in three jobs in the past 5 years and always had a great experience. They know their stuff and always put forward relevant interesting roles for you.

Stuart, Digital Marketing Executive, July 2019

The candidate is a great recruitment company! I have worked with Emma and Megan in the past and they have been nothing but consitant, honest and caring. Megan really helped me and made what could have been a stressful situation a calm and enjoyable experience. thankyou! 

Cesca, Media Manager, Media, April 2019

First class recruitment agency! I've been in touch with The Candidate for a few months discussing various roles. They are great at finding roles that are relevant to you, rather than just bombarding you with whatever is available. I worked with Leif and Dave who were a great help along the way and always at hand to help. Most importantly they placed me in a role that was perfect for me and my career goals! I highly recommend their service.

Tom, Senior Optimisation Insight Executive, Agency, January 2019

If you're looking for a job in Manchester, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with The Candidate. I found that a lot of recruiters would ring you once and then never get in touch again but Chloe was really consistent, understanding and friendly. She made applying for jobs hassle free and helped me get my current job, which is great. She kept me updated during the process and really helped me to secure the job. Thank you, Chloe, you are a star.

Katherine, Marketing Executive, March 2019

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