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Companies across the UK are citing the skills shortage in the creative and marketing sector as one of the main prohibiting factors for growth. As marketing channels continue to evolve, particularly within digital, candidates who are experts in their fields are in short supply. This has led to the rise in contracting and the need for companies to hire contractors or freelancers on a project by project basis, or for interim periods, has risen.

COVID also changed the employment market hugely. Many more people decided to take control over their work and took the plunge into contracting, for more of that work/life balance. It’s much more popular to be a freelancer or serial contractor now than ever before. 


Contractor payments tend to be based on a cost-per-day, with levels varying depending on how senior or how niche the specialism is. They tend to be higher compared to their full time, permanent counterparts, which means that project-based work can be very lucrative for contractors. Remember though that you won’t get the benefits that full-time employees enjoy like holiday or sickness pay for example.

If you’d like to talk through some of the contracting opportunities we have and whether they’d be right for you, then please get in touch. We can advise you and point you in the direction of others who have taken the plunge into contracting.


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