Those in an eCommerce Executive job will normally have spent at least 2 years in an eCommerce Assistant role or equivalent. They will have built a strong knowledge of their website as a sales channel and understand how products or services are organised and marketed.

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They will begin to build solid relationships with internal stakeholders and be the contact for some 3rd party agencies. In the potential absence of the eCommerce Manager, they will take on some more senior roles around reporting of figures and results and have a say in some optimisation activities. They will begin to have a handle on the digital marketing channels that work for the campaigns and have an awareness of how to optimise them to create better results.

eCommerce Executives will be keen to receive training to continue their development within the company they are at and will need great management to feel content in their roles. If they have already progressed from assistant level, they will likely be career motivated, looking for their next opportunity. Acquisition based roles, that are target driven, may require a realistic bonus to be set for delivery and salary should always be competitive for an eCommerce Executive to remain in a role.

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