We have a range of Marketing Analytics and Insight roles across the North West and the UK. These roles exist in both agency and client-side environments, where companies are keen to know how they can effectively target their audiences.

Data consumes our daily lives from card purchases and store loyalty cards to the more deliberate digital data channels. It’s how this data then helps lead marketing departments, their product launches and promotional messages that are so powerful. It’s becoming more and more important, as the volume of data collected constantly increases, so it’s an essential area of marketing and an exciting one for all those data lovers!

As Statisticians, Analytics & Insight candidates have a commercially important role to help give insight and set strategy for the direction of marketing moving forward. Companies operate in a range of sectors and industries and therefore different types of candidates will be suitable for the range of roles.

Analytics and Insight can cover a broad spectrum of topics and degrees of experience. Some candidates will also vary in their skill set whether it’s their commercial ability or how ambitious they are, their analytic software skills or what sector they specialise in. There’s also the relationship angle, how the data crunchers interact with the insight team and how that’s all packaged up into a marketing strategy.

If you feel your work history has touched any part of data, tell us. Our clients really want to know about it, no matter how trivial. Your insight could be crucial in helping them develop, push their products and drive their company. If you’re a client looking for the perfect Statistician or Insight candidate, then give us a shout!

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