Working with an agency who fully understands the PPC market in Manchester and across the North West is essential to successfully fill roles. This will avoid you receiving inadequate CV's, which you can expect from agencies who don't understand the consequences of the skills shortage. As with our current client base, we avoid sending CV's which are clearly off the mark on a speculative basis. This means that the conversion rate from the CV's sent to interview is high and you avoid receiving candidate details which are ultimately a waste of your time. We fully understand PPC recruitment and have placed many candidates in these roles across the region.

We can find the ideal candidate through PPC Recruitment

We have sourced and placed a range of PPC skilled candidates into the local market since our launch. As we fully understand the profile of a PPC marketer, we have the ability to locate candidates from relevant areas with complementary backgrounds for consideration. This is one successful way of growing the PPC pool in the region and clients continue to look towards us for ways of addressing their particular skills requirements.

Our commitment to the prosper of digital skills in the North

Many clients in the region have a real fear for what the shortage in PPC skills could do to their business future. Quite simply the demand by far outstrips the supply and there seems to be little in way of solutions in the short term. We are committed to addressing this through initiatives with re-location companies and grass roots activity with universities to increase the flow of skill set for the future. However, roles need to be filled and there is undoubtedly a large degree of movement within the market, so clients need to ensure that they are working with market leading agencies such as The Candidate who are up to speed with the latest PPC developments.

What you can do to help fill the gap

One trend we have observed over the last few years is that of PPC marketers working in their silos and becoming specialists within it, with little other exposure to other media activities. That may have addressed short-term requirements but it is important for clients to understand the long-term implications. Too often these candidates will want to broaden their horizons beyond day to day PPC campaign management and if there is no foundation or opportunity to do this, you could experience dissatisfied employees who want to look for that next opportunity. Key ways of addressing this include working on complementary marketing channels or developing their management experience, stakeholder exposure or client facing work.

The types of roles which we have recruited for included the following;

  • PPC Manager - would need to be passionate about all things digital, and is motivated to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. They will need excellent working knowledge of all paid search platform, along with an excellent working knowledge of Google AdWords and bidding tools.
  • PPC Specialist - this role is to provide strategy and planning for all PPC campaign, along with researching new techniques and improving performance against KPI targets.
  • PPC Executive - will be responsible for designing strategies to improve return on investment and entice new clients.

We would be happy to talk about any requirements from a digital marketing perspective and talk about the wide range of candidates which we have available at this time and are all looking to pursue a career within the digital marketing industry.

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