A Digital Executive job will cover anything online or internet related that needs to be completed in the business and this will differ depending on the company and what their digital requirements are.

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For example, in an SME they are more likely to be hands-on and work across a lot of digital functions due to smaller digital teams but in a large company, this is likely to be more specialised and specific to a department or account. They will commonly cover, digital analytics, PPC, SEO, and all digital channels and principles. The Digital Executive will work with all internal teams in order to support in the delivering of their digital strategy.

There are many entry-points to this role, including a digital qualification, working as a Digital Assistant or in more junior roles within a business. Depending on the business, this role will have different requests however there is no doubt that it is a role with massive potential to progress into senior, management and Digital Director roles. Talented Digital Executives will be excellent communicators, have a good grasp of data and proficient in following process and procedures.

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