A Marketing Executive job will have more responsibilities than a Marketing Assistant role and the person in that job will normally have had around 2 years experience. They will be more involved in determining the direction of a campaign, having the ability to compile results and start to make recommendations on them. They will support a Marketing Manager and begin to have meetings with suppliers and clients independently to plan and update campaigns.

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A Marketing Executive will normally be in a role for around 2 to 3 years before looking to progress to a Marketing Manager. This will depend on the impact they are having on the organisation and how they are using marketing channels to deliver company objectives. Training will be key as will the knowledge of how they are going to progress because if this isn’t clear, they are likely to start looking elsewhere for other roles that do offer this. Salary also begins to become more important, reaching that stage in life when they require a higher disposable income to ensure that this is competitive and possibly consider a bonus model.

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