To work successfully in an Affiliates and Partnership job, it requires the commercial mentality of a trader, someone who spots and creates opportunities with 3rd parties and negotiate deals for the benefit of their clients. Within digital, affiliate marketing, is a mature sector that offers marketers a unique way to sell products through cost per action type payments, where the payment is only made upon a relevant transaction. Partnership marketing is similar, however, deals can be done on a contra basis, a mutually beneficial way of marketing like accessing both sets of marketing lists and cross-selling to those databases.

Identifying, trialling and investing in affiliate and partnership marketing requires a high level of data, commercial and negotiation skills. You will be placing clients’ campaigns on 3rd party digital sites and work hard to make deals stuck, for the benefit of both parties. Strong organisational skills are needed to ensure that the placements are brand compliant and results are recorded, generated and that payments are made upon validation. It’s a great role for a trader within digital marketing!

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