Digital platforms provide retailers with an outstanding array of exciting opportunities to push their products and create successful acquisition strategies. More exciting is that both the platforms and the marketing channels that exist on them continue to develop at a fast pace, giving a competitive edge to those who can successfully exploit them. And it’s the eCommerce marketeers that are driving this, normally driven by increased year-on-year acquisition targets, they are keen to learn new ways to sell more products and create a better ROI.

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Who would have thought overlaying a social media strategy with TV advertising and making acquisitions through a mobile device would have been possible a few years ago? Now even that is tried and tested. So what’s next?

Thankfully for job hunters, the size and range of companies that have adopted eCommerce marketing is huge and offers most levels of experience, great opportunities to develop their career. Both newcomers with digital-only experience and traditional offline marketers are seeing the benefits of what successful eCommerce marketing can do to bottom line sales. So why not join in on the successes that retail marketing has seen from the web and join a company that is going places.

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