How to Hire an IT Support Analyst

A stringent hiring process is always advised when hiring for any tech role. As a client, you’ll need to identify what systems you have in place whether that be Linux, Virtual Machines, Cisco, Azure or even Amazon Web Services. This will help you prioritise what skills are most important for the candidate that you are searching for, and in turn mean that the recruitment team find you relevant people based on your requirements.

Once you’ve identified a suitable pool of candidates, I’d advise interviewing 3 or 4 to get a real feel for their skills and personality. I’ve found with experience, personality is a key factor for roles in IT based on the need to speak to people on a day to day and articulate problems to various stakeholders. A first stage interview process will therefore allow you to sound out someone’s technical ability and personality, to really assess if they would slot into your business effectively. Once the first round of interviews is over, and providing you’re happy with the candidates, I would advise either a technical test prior to a 2nd stage to assess someone ability is true to their work or alternatively, a technical deep dive 2nd stage to really interrogate the candidate to find out their knowledge on subject matters. This would naturally all depend on how technical you are as a hiring manager and how much you would be able to confirm is truthful. Due to the nature of the IT market, my last piece of advice would be to move quickly. Time and time again clients lose candidates that they genuinely like as they simply haven’t moved quickly enough to secure their signatures. This can reset processes back to square one, which as you probably know is expensive and wastes company time.


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