In this role, the employee in an influencer outreach job will source and work with sector-specific bloggers and celebrities to promote their products and brands.

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It’s not uncommon for companies to send products to these people via instructions from influencer and outreach planners for promotion and they will generally get payment and the products for free that they have been sent. Content can come in the form of written reviews and video blogs, the latter which is increasing in popularity. The Influencer Outreach Executive or Manager will choose the placements as part of an overall strategy and dictate how and where the information is posted and with time of day and specific keywords etc to include in the promotion.

The influencer will build a network of people and agencies who have influencers and celebrities that are pushing the products so maintaining a good relationship is essential. They will also have good commercial skills and abilities to negotiate deals and maximise coverage. This will usually form a larger part of a PR campaign that the influencer will have a knowledge of and be aware of a larger strategy.

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