How to Hire a Full Stack Developer

The full stack market is by far one of the most competitive. There are more and more clients looking for a full stack answer to their backend and frontend problems, therefore there is always issues such as inflated salaries, huge counter offers, increased companies going fully remote as well as companies outsourcing their development overseas. With this in mind, when recruiting for a high quality full stack developer you should consider the following factors:

Like all development roles, salary is a key factor for full stack developer candidates when considering new roles.  When considering what salary you should advertise, it’s important to do your research. You can do this by seeing where your salaries are compared to competitors, or ask us! We provide a free salary benchmark information sheet that will hopefully be a good guide for the exact type of candidate you’re looking for. Salaries vary from candidate to candidate, usually candidates with modern full stack JavaScript experience are going for a little more than full stack PHP candidates, but its all down to how the candidate presents themselves and the needs of the business.

Full stack developers value what experiences they’re going to be crafting and how it impacts the society we live in. If you’re a tech for good company, you probably know that you do well in attracting and retaining great talent, due to the impact you have on society. So its always a good idea to explain in job descriptions and interviews how your applications and platforms are affecting our day to day life, because at the end of the day the candidate is interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them.

Are you offering fully remote or hybrid working? A recent survey showed that 8 in 10 full stack developers turned down roles as they required some days in the office with the main reason being that there is simply no need for full stack developers to make the effort to travel into city centre offices to work as their job doesn’t require much interaction apart from a morning stand up, which can simply be done over conventional conference calling methods. 

When recruiting for a full stack developer, it’s important that you detail their exact responsibilities. Will they manage a team? Will they be responsible for a key part of a build? What will their day to day look like? These are all key factors that anyone looking for a new role will look for, so it’s good to explain them to a candidate from day one. Candidates are usually tempted to roles for enhanced responsibility from their last role, so always a good idea to let them know if they will have more and be an important team player!


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