Are you IR35 ready? Use our checklist to make sure you’re protected from the HMRC before, during & after an outside IR35 assignment.

With IR35 looming we’ve put together a checklist that you can use to ensure that you’re keeping yourself protected and following best practices when working on an outside IR35 assignment.

We’ve made some assumptions on the checklist which include: You already have a LTD company set up; you have professional indemnity insurance & if required public liability insurance; you already have a trusted accountant helping you with your financials; you already know what IR35 is and how it impacts you as a contractor.

HMRC enquiries can last months and in some cases even years and paying for hourly representation throughout can be extremely costly which is why we recommend having insurances in place throughout our checklist, not only to quickly dispel any enquires but also to ensure you’re not left out of pocket at any point throughout.


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