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There's no denying that Digital Media has rapidly become an integral factor in many aspects of day to day life. Here at The Candidate we understand the importance of using digital media platforms to improve audience reach, awareness and participation. We possess the knowledge of exactly what talents and skills our clients need when recruiting Digital Media candidates. This is supported through the multitude of happy candidates and auspicious placements we have made throughout the Digital Media Marketing Industry, as further seen in our testimonials.

The combined years of recruiting experience within our team means that we are well versed in applying successful strategies that attract the most desirable candidates. Below is a compiled list of a few features we've found help when offering Digital Media candidates a new role:

  • Stress the importance of personal development within the Digital Media industry, challenging candidates in alternative areas.
  • Develop other skillsets such as PPC, affiliate and SEO.
  • Support candidate personal growth through funded course and training sessions ensuring they are completely up to date on the latest technologies and digital programmes.

The multifarious nature of the Digital Media industry means that a diverse selection of candidates will approach your business for employment. A selection of such job specifications are as follows:

Digital Media Executive - candidates would analyse website traffic flow and create online adverts using Facebook and Google whilst monitoring and creating website content and SEO keyword searching.

Digital Media Director - would be expected to develop and implement online strategies and lead a digital specialist team. A Digital Media Director would furthermore be responsible for designing and implementing cutting edge strategies and building strong relationships with key stakeholders.  

Social Media Account Manager - would be responsible for taking charge of the agency's social accounts, aswell as handling the social media within the agency. They will be accountable for over-seeing the social media activity across multiple campaigns. 

Digital Media Manager - would utilise all digital media channels and be responsible for media planning buying and trafficking. An understanding of PPC is essential and affiliate and display advertising knowledge is ideal.

We would love to have a chat in more detail about your digital media requirements and whether we have some existing candidates which would be perfect for your digital needs. Give us a call today - 0161 833 1044 or contact us here!


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