A Digital Marketing Assistant’s job will be an entrant level position normally within a client-side environment in a company that will help manage the online advertising channels to generate sales of the company products or services.

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An Assistant may join a company to perform this role with some work or intern experience but this will likely be their first full-time paid role in an organisation. A training schedule will be essential, teaching them about the detail behind search marketing or social media campaigns. They may also carry out some administration activity, compiling data or results for internal presentations and eventually begin to understand them and what it means for the company.

Digital Marketing Assistants will have chosen this route to develop their career following research and support and training for them is a must. They will likely want to progress to an executive level role within 2 years so having a clear career structure and indicating the areas that need to be covered and mastered will be essential to keep them interested in the company. At this level, seeing the results of their labour is always a great incentive, so taking responsibility for channels when they are ready can give them real ownership in a role preventing them from looking elsewhere.

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