A career in a Media Sales job can be a very rewarding one, working with both advertising agencies and clients directly in order to sell the digital media areas of your employer's site for both brand and acquisition campaigns.

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Generally, the larger the employer or media owner, the less it will be about hard sales (to new customers) and the more it will be about account management. The latter requires high social skills, great relationship building and the ability to upsell products. Gathering feedback from clients and agencies allows for the development of the media sales offering and increased return from those sites.

Media Sales can exist for single websites or for agencies (or sales houses) that represent a number of websites. The more recent importance of programmatic advertising has created media sales units in this area, servicing agencies and distributing their product across clients direct. Media Sales isn’t for the faint hearted, its target driven and relationship based and normally conducted at events or bars and restaurants, so prepare to entertain and experience the exciting world of digital media sales.

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