Here at The Candidate we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest research 'Digital Destination'. Following the success of our Relocation report, we commissioned a new study to gather insight into the career path of today's senior digital executives.

Through evaluating 150 senior level digital managers and upwards and comparing them to their equivalent 150 non-digital peers, we found a startling difference between their career footprint.

Compared to the non-digital sample, the top 10 per cent of digital earners were almost twice as likely to reach their current position without a university degree. The research revealed only 30 per cent of the 150 top digital earners went to Russell Group universities, and nearly a fifth never received any form of higher education.

Generally, the results of the research reflect the fast-paced nature of the digital industry, as digital workers stay in their current position for an average of 18 months. Their non-digital counterparts remain in the same job for much longer, averaging at three years and three months.

There is also a huge salary difference if you are a high achiever in digital compared to other professional careers. Our study found the top tier managers in digital can earn a massive £55,000 more than those at the same level in a non-digital job.

The digital sector is booming, and has become a huge contributor to the UK economy. According to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, the digital sector employs three per cent of the UK workforce, contributing nearly £69 billion Gross Value Added to the UK economy (7.4 per cent).

This latest research offers a new perspective on digital jobs, and it's interesting for us as recruiters to be able to use this information to help our candidates see their potential career path. 

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