First Stage Interviews

For Technology & IT candidates, the approach towards interviews can often be significantly different than any other industry. In Technology, Software & IT, our community has evolved to a scenario where it is far more common for candidates to change roles more readily. Typically, candidates will change roles more often to allow themselves to constantly work on the most modern technology, where as those who stay in position often become embedded into the company culture from a long term perspective. Of course, neither is a better or worse scenario to be in personally, but as a result of the market changes we have observed a divide in interview confidence. For those who more readily change their roles, they are naturally more confident and experienced when interviewing in comparison to individuals who may stay in a role for numerous years (and not interview elsewhere).

The main aim of the 1st stage interview is to test the water from both a candidate and employer perspective. It is as important that you are excited by the business, the team, the culture and your potential manager as is it for the employer too want you.


Approaching Your Interview

When approaching your 1st stage interview, there’s a single word which stands out: RESEARCH

Research the role, research the business, research the interviewers, research the industry, research their competitors, research their online presence. Despite the potential cringey saying, it rings true that ‘Failure to prepare is preparing to fail’. Beginning an interview being knowledgeable across all areas of the business will both increase your positivity and provide you a greater opportunity to provide a lasting impression.


First Impressions Count

One single advice that our expert team can leave you with before your 1st stage interview, is that first impressions count. Whether you are interviewing virtually or face to face, it is important to ensure you are on punctual, well presented, and positive. We are not saying that if you are a few minutes late or are tired from the day before, that you should take yourself out of the running for a role; but it is vitally important you make every effort to secure that best first impression to jump you ahead of your competition.


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