The level at which the person in a Design Director job sits is between the senior design team and Creative Director. They will have a handle over the senior designers and the rest of the design team to manage and direct them.

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They will oversee everything that comes out of that design studio which will include all creatives before it goes to the client. The Senior Designer will report into the Design Director and they, in turn, will report into the Creative Director. This mid-level role is an important combination of correct briefs and getting the assets right alongside the commercial requirements dictated by the Creative Director on behalf of the client.

They will have started their career as a Designer and having a really strong eye for branding and attention to detail is essential. Aesthetically they will have a deep understanding of what looks visually impactful, bringing ideas to life from what the Designers have created. The relationship with the Creative Director is crucial to delivering successful all-round solutions for their client base.

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