With the Manchester digital scene becoming more and more competitive, it is vital that you stand out from the crowd. 

Here is a technique to ensure that when you're listing your key achievements you showcase your talent.

When our candidates are going through what they have achieved within their workplace they sometimes struggle to get it down on paper. We hear things like `I didn't want to waffle',` I don't think I achieved that much, I was just doing my job'.  We have a simple method to follow to ensure that you can identify your achievements and more importantly get your message across succinctly.

This is the STAR technique. By following the steps below, this will most certainly help you gain more interviews.

S - Situation - In two lines describe the scenario/situation/job that you had to do.

T - Task - What was your role in that job, again don't waffle be succinct, 1 line should be sufficient to describe it

A - Actions - What two/three actions did you undertake in order to achieve the task at hand. These actions need to be tangible. The use of %, figures and timelines all help to highlight why and how you set about achieving your goal. The purpose of these actions is to paint the picture for your future employer.

R - Result - Your result is the final piece of the jigsaw this should summarise your achievement. Again, should be no more than one line.

This technique can be used at all levels from graduate level right to Director.

For more advice on how to format your cv, or if you're looking for your next move, please don't hesitate to contact one of the team on [email protected] or call 0161 833 1044

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