How a Frontend Developer can Help your Business

Frontend Developers are what they say on the tin, they develop the frontend software to websites, platforms and applications to make sure they are tested well and are responsive. Without a frontend developer, software applications would probably look like something from the early 90s and just have reams and reams of code on display, aka not great for the user experience and a one way ticket to making next to no money (especially if you’re an eCommerce business).

You may get frontend developer who use modern JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue or Express or perhaps just vanilla JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, however all frontend developers can bring a wealth of knowledge on all. You may also find PHP frontend developers (usually delve into PHP backend with a keen eye on a JavaScript frontend), however its more common for a frontend developer to be proficient in JavaScript practises. JavaScript, HTML and CSS are in everything software based from webpages to backend applications therefore a frontend developer will really be able to help keep everything in check. Some clients that I have worked with have attempted to own the frontend themselves with only the help of Google to support them, this can be very costly and non time efficient therefore I’d always recommend having a dedicated frontend developer or more, dependent on the size of your organisation.

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