The role of the UX or UI Designer’s job is to maximise the return from the customer or user of the website once they have reached it.

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Through ever developing complex methods of testing, customers are given different options when using digital and online assets to see which will prompt the best responses. A basic example may be the changing of colours, sizes or positioning of buttons to see which are clicked on the most. Continuous optimisation of websites means that companies can get more for the money that they have spent on attracting their customers to that site, i.e. ROI.

The role is very analytical and data-driven and attracts those in design roles who are astute in these areas. Senior people in these roles will have an awareness of the different testing technologies and methods that can be used to maximise conversions. More advanced methods of testing including eye-tracking technology and the introduction of focus groups all add to the data that needs to be analysed and the decisions that need to be made.

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