Digital marketing continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and is inevitably overlapping and seriously influencing other marketing channels, providing the sector with many types of online related jobs. It no longer works to go for a marketing job with no knowledge of digital or the impact that it can have. Multiple marketing channels exist on a range of devices and can all be considered for exploitation by marketers both agency side and client side. Having a holistic approach to marketing can really help boost a marketer’s career, but many begin their career specialising in digital marketing and then expanding into other areas.

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As attractive as digital marketing can seem, it is very hard work and can be very technical to fully understand it. As most online or digital events or transactions can be fully tracked, it’s fully justifiable and scrutiny of marketing campaigns can be intense. Finding the best digital marketing role for you will depend on what makes you tick, where your passion lies and what channel you want to specialise in. So whether it’s a Social Media Manager for an SME, a Traffic Manager for an eCommerce corporate or the Manager of a company’s database and eCRM strategy, we have them all.

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