A Project Manager’s job in a creative environment will manage the life cycle of the project that they are in charge of. They will use a range of methodologies to fulfil their project management roles including Scrum, Agile and Waterfall. Using this they have the ability to manage projects of all sizes, with their experience determining the seniority of their role.

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In large web build projects of £250k+ very experienced Project Managers will have huge responsibilities including ensuring all processes are adhered to, budgets are managed, timelines on target, managing risk and troubleshooting where possible.

Project Managers develop into Head of Programme Managers once they have a large range of experience and skillset that is build up over time. They will have worked on various client sectors and have a strong ability to get the best from Developers and Designers. Having top quality Account Managers and other people within their team will ensure that the projects they are managing are successful and ultimately on time!

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